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Reach world wide readers (See Traffic). Ads clicked will redirect users to your website, or a special web page under it.
Send me ( E-mail ) a 150x150 pixel graphic and the URL of your web site.
No charge for multiple graphics (only one randomly shown at a given time) pointing to the same URL.

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Monthly : 20 $US. Payable up to a maximum of one year in advance.

To pay for your ads, follow the options given in here.

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Period : 31 days up to January 3, 2005...

Daily Averages : 769 clients, 13741 hits, 1113 page hits (See Definitions).

The following table show the traffic on some popular pages, where advertisement is now present...
per Month
Web Pages
5841 Main paragliding page
5089 Tips for Paraglider Pilots + French version
1386 News
1370 Paraglider performance Comparison + French version
1045 Paragliding's "Believe it or not !"
549 Marshall site info
500 My picture album
386 Wing articles
329 My videos
225 Paraglider Pilot Profiling + French version
185 Elsinore site info
150 Accessory articles
144 Torrey Pines site info
132 Blackhawk site info
98 Soboba site info
53 Kagel site info

Definitions :

Web Ranking
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Take this with a grain of salt, since people can pay (I do not) or take actions to get higher rankings ...

PG home page
Google: Recreation > Aviation > Aircraft > Footlaunched > Paragliding > Resources
Note: Order is based on Page Rank.
5th on 2006/4/7
Open Directory Project: Recreation: Aviation: Aircraft: Footlaunched: Paragliding: Resources Amongst top 22 (5th in alphabetical order) on 2006/4/7.
Yahoo : Search on Paragliding
Note: Order seems commercially driven.
17th on 2006/4/7

Note : On 2004/2/10, I relocated the main paragliding web page address, with a redirection from the previous URL. This resulted in having to rebuild the rankings from scratch.

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I retain the right to make Positive/Negative statements in product reviews. No product is perfect, and showing the low points makes a review more credible.