Paraglider Performance Comparison
You can be a test pilot !

How to proceed :

  1. Wake up early so you can perform testing before 8:00 am. Use a "true" air speed indicator (with an impeller), not a Pitot tube or "floating disc" in vertical tube. See AirSpeed Indicator Types. Measure Sink Rate only after obtaining a stabilized Speed on Trajectory.
  2. Do not take any risks, it is not worth it. Only measure Stall Speed if you feel comfortable doing so. See Stall (Full, Appreciation).
  3. Fill in the table below and send me your results by E-mail.

DHV Rating  
AFNOR Rating  
Polar Curve - Input Format (at least 4 points).
Speed on Trajectory in km/h, Sink Rate in m/s.
Stall Speed ( km/h )  
Trim Speed ( km/h )  
Max Speed ( km/h )  
Loading ( kg/m2 )  
Total Flying Weight - Minimum ( kg )  
Total Flying Weight - Maximum ( kg )  
Total Flying Weight - Test ( kg )  
Temperature ( °C )  
Altitude ( m )  
MSL Pressure ( kPa )  
Are you involved in sales of this wing model ? ( Yes / No )  
Your First name / Last name  
Date ( Year / Month / Day )