Paraglider Performance Comparison
Information about Vol Libre

  1. Quality : This is the only magazine to establish a wing's full Polar Curve, with at least 4 data points, allowing for a Natural (Null curvature at the first and last point) Cubic Spline interpolation. This enables us to deduct the GRW (for a typical headwind of 20 km/h) which is the most important measure of a wing's performance.
  2. Availability of the data : As part of an agreement with this magazine, the performance measurements presented here are delayed by 3 months with respect to their availability at the news stand.
  3. Read the article : Straight-line performance is just one aspect of a wing. Pilots must also consider other qualities such as passive security, agility, construction quality, ease of inflation... For the rest of this information, I suggest you read the full article.
  4. How you can help : Although this site receives no financial retribution from the magazine, you are encouraged to mention that the Paraglider Performance Comparison project has motivated you to Subscribe or Order a Back Issue from the magazine. By doing so, you are consolidating the quest for valid performance comparisons, as the magazine is evaluating their benefit from this collaboration.