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Stolen Moments (Book by Jérôme Maupoint)
Review by Jérôme Daoust. Created 2004/5/20, revised 2004/5/20-b.

Intent of this review :  To help potential buyers decide if this book will meet their expectations.


The Experience


This book reveals the merger of 2 passions :  Photography and paragliding, where photography remains the dominant of this marriage, following the order that came to its author, Jérôme Maupoint.  The author is portrayed as the classical I-follow-my-passions individual.  Nothing less was expected.


Text and captions are provided in both English and French.


Section 1 :  Home.

Pictures and captions render the comfort of local terrain knowledge and its evolution through seasons.


Section 2 :  Friends.

Many of the author's friends are profiled :  Raoul & Felix Rodriguez, Greg Blondeau, Louise Crandal and David Eyraud.

This section reminds us how influential, passionate people can be.


Section 3 :  Travels.

Pictures from India, Brazil, Mongolia and Morocco.  The focus is not just on wings and aerial views but also people and lifestyles.


Section 4 :  Perspectives.

This is a collection of the author's favorite images.


The book portrays multiple realities of flight :  Aerobatics, Competition, XC and recreational (often without a helmet).


My favorite picture is on page 117.


Worth the purchase ?  The book is expensive, but it is part of a rare group of those which qualify as worthy of creating a bit more chaos in a room, by leaving it exposed at all times.  The non-flying spouse does usually not accept magazines lying around, but this one has a good excuse :  It has Class.

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